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2014 Imperforate Winter Flowers Forever First Class Postage Stamps

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Across much of the United States, the coming of winter merely signals the blooming of garden varieties that prefer cooler outdoor weather. But in many regions across the north and in higher elevations, winter means snow-covered flower beds and long, dark days inside. Blissfully, nature has given gardeners in those areas a host of stunning flowering plants that are adaptable to the indoors.

Amaryllis, cyclamen, and paperwhites are grown from bulbs, much like their cousin, the daffodil. Perennial amaryllis plants put forth flowers in a range of colors and patterns as well as single, double, miniature, trumpet, and extra-large blossoms. The blooms’ beauty lies in their appearance alone, as they have no fragrance.

Cyclamen are sensitive to over-watering and temperature. If their native Mediterranean climate is duplicated, cyclamen will bloom profusely for several months. Paperwhites are easy and versatile, flourish best when grown in water alone, and adapt to a variety of interesting containers. The Christmas cactus is native to South America and can live for decades, being handed down through generations.

Because winter flowers chase the chill and gloom away, they make ideal holiday gifts, fun family projects, and a special treat for nearly everyone.

Stamp artist William Low photographed potted plants at the peak of their blooming as the models for these stamps. He then created digital paintings of the flowers.